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Woman's Horror at Google Street View Photo of Child's Bottom

Illustration for article titled Womans Horror at Google Street View Photo of Childs Bottom

Poor old Claire Rowlands felt "angry, disgusted and upset" after stumbling across a photo of her three-year-old kid Louis on Google's Street View tool—thanks to her child's bottom being served up to (possibly depraved) people on the internet.


Google has now pixellated the bottom after seeing Claire's angry face, but it still makes us wonder... is a grainy photo on the internet more or less safe than having your child running about in full public view without any clothes on? At least he wasn't being humped. That would've been a scandal. [Daily Mail]

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Google really is prying into people's lives with this street view stuff.

Argue it all you want, but why should we suddenly have to be thinking about people around the world possibly peeping in on our small localized lives?

Imagine in the coming decades when this stuff starts to go live?

It's gonna get crazy!