Grade school is an opportunity for budding artists to finally shed their cumbersome crayons and try their hand at making a masterpiece using the subtle shades of a box of colored pencils. But artist Tuomas Markun Poika must've missed that class, since he instead uses pencils to create wooden vases with unique patterns made possible by the process with which they're made.

Rows and rows of hexagonal pencils are glued together, and then stacked to eventually form giant wooden boxes that are clamped into a lathe which turns them into curvaceous vases with intricate patterns revealed as the pencils are partially stripped away.

The Amalgamated collection will eventually be available in three different sizes and a range of different colors, but exact pricing info hasn't been revealed yet. Which means that if you're handy in the woodshop and have got a bucket of old pencils you no longer need, you can probably save yourself a few hundred bucks with a weekend project. [Studio Markunpoika via designboom]