World Premiere: "Sweat On Me" by Flynt Flossy & Turquoise Jeep

Winter is coming. For much of the world, it's already cold, wet, and terrible out there. We need a legit dancehall banger to heat things up. Well, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes and bodies on this Gizmodo-exclusive world premiere. It's "Sweat On Me," from Flynt Flossy and the crew at Turquoise Jeep Records.

The last time we wrote about The Jeep, it was for their perplexing and amazing Can He Move It Like This? If you're confused, let me explain. Turquoise Jeep is a satirical hip hop and R&B crew. If you grew up in the 1990s and watched a lot of MTV, this stuff will look very familiar to you, but it's got a very low-budget, homemade-for-YouTube slant. Basically, these guys are hilarious. Aside from Flynt Flossy (my favorite rapper), you've got Yung Humma, Pretty Reheem, Slick Mahony, Whatchyamacallit, and a few others. From what I've hear, even backstage they never break character.

One of the videos that put Turquoise Jeep on the map, though, was Flynt Flossy's "Did I Mention I Like to Dance." It was the first time fans got to see that not only is this guy funny, but dude can absolutely dance his ass off. People have been begging the Jeep crew for more of Flossy's moves, and "Sweat On Me" is them finally giving the people what they want. Think of it as the unofficial sequel to "Did I Mention I Like to Dance."


When the Jeep reached out to us last week and asked if we'd like the exclusive on the world premiere of their new video our response was of course... if we can get an exclusive interview with Flynt. He was game, and so here's a look inside what makes this dance superstar tick.

Gizmodo: What's one piece of technology Flynt Flossy couldn't live without?

Flynt Flossy: Hmmm thats a tough one! I say a tie between my camera and my laptop. See now I LOVE my camera buut I do everything on my laptop, write my songs, do my editing, Record my scratch vocals etc . I remember one time it conked out on me and I almost lost ALL my work. There was almost no video for "Naughty Farmer" Dude I was De-va-stated, moral of the story Dont be too cool to Save and back up BAYBEE

Giz: Does Turquoise Jeep have beef with any other crews? If so, what started it?

FF: Hahaha nah no beef, its all love over here. Of course because we are so different we get a lot of haters but we dont pay them any mind so it never goes far. Man I grew up in the hood trust me I had enough confrontations in my lifetime...I just like being chill 24/7 365 feel me


Giz: Who are the Floss's main influences as far as dance goes?

FF: Oh man I got a couple! MJ of course , MC Hammer, throwback Bobby Brown like the "My Prerogative " days, Fred Astaire , James Brown and Turbo/Boogaloo Shrimp from Breakin'. Dude, I probably seen Breakin' like 2,000 times, I used to study that movie. That joint STAYED in the VCR


Giz: Does F-dot-Floss have any advice for kids who want to break into the music industry?

FF: I say Don't ever lose focus. If there's something that you TRULY want then go after it and don't let anyone tell you "Just give it up" or "Its not gonna work". Realistically the journey can get pretty tough almost to the point of quitting but again dont lose focus, nothing worth having comes easy, find a way or make a way feel me


Giz: What do you dream of at night?

FF: Nothing in particular, Now that you mention it my dreams are usually random as hell. Like my last dream involved purple women and Almond Milk??? and I have no clue why?? my mind is pretty weird, as you can see in the music videos I'm a bit different.


Indeed. You can (and should) check out Turquoise Jeep Records' YouTube channel, and you can even download their album Keep The Jeep Ridin' on iTunes or Amazon MP3. I got to see these guys live in NYC a year or two ago, and it was an unforgettable show. If you get the chance to catch them, don't miss it.


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This is still by far my favorite TurquoiseJeep song.