World Record House of Cards Stands Up to Leafblower

Bryan Berg, cardstacker extraordinaire, tries to take down his world-record setting card tower with a leafblower. But it's made up of so many damn cards he barely puts a dent in it before the blower flames out. So he resorts to the most destructive tools around: his hands, crushing himself in a sweet avalanche of cards after a couple minutes of pawing that reminds us of New Year's in Times Square in more ways than one. [CNN via Spluch]


Just shows... never bring an electric-powered device when a hydrocarbon-powered device would work better! (Guess it don't just apply to cars and aircraft!)

As to the tower jokes? Get over it! The same (or larger) number of people died in highway accidents in the US within about 3 months after the attacks, and most were equally loved and missed. More soldiers have been lost in Iraq, and the same applies. Who knows how many were lost within weeks from disease and cancer, and what research might have prevented! The only difference is that the families of victims of the 911 attacks got more money from the gov't than ANY of the rest because it was televised.

Wow... I'm really beginning to realized how screwed up our society really is!