World's Largest Lego Fleet Sails Into Philadelphia Port

This Saturday, in honor of Coast Day, the world's largest Lego ship collection will be displayed at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia. 120 Lego ships will be showcased, from tugboats to aircraft carriers and super tankers. The ships vary in length from 1-ft coastal vessels to 6-ft maritime monstrosities.

The Lego fleet was built entirely from scratch by Wilbert McKinley, a former ship designer. He used no kits, directions, plans or pictures:

The ships were entirely scratch built completely from memory...not as replicas, but representations of the kinds of ships he watched for years as a boy on the docks of Baltimore, New York, and Norfolk.


The Lego ship collection is called TEACH FLEET, an educational program that stands for “Technology's Effects and Contributions Highlighted for Learning Ecological Environmental Topics.” The fleet is intended to showcase how technology can positively or negatively impact the environment. The namesake of each ship comes from a notable female who made a contribution to science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).

The biography of each ship’s namesake celebrates not only their STEM contributions, but also their individual triumph over the obstacles that were historically imposed on many Americans because of their gender or race.

The festivities will take place from 10AM-5PM at the Museum outside Penn's Landing. [Philly Seaport]


Photos via Wilbert McKinley Flickr

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