"Gee, Honey. I'm all done loading the dirty laundry, but I don't want to stop and hey look there's an empty machine right here."

"I know, let's put our precious toddler inside!"

"Yeah, okay."

...I mean, what were these morons thinking?! And no, they don't get even a little sympathy for (hopefully?!) not anticipating that the thing would AUTO-LOCK AND START ITS SPIN-CYCLE.


For an absolutely excruciating minute-and-a-half, the kid is tossed and tumbled in a whirling mechanical hell, while Ma and Pa grapple with the fincky auto-locked door. Then they both leave him there, alone, to run for help.

Luckily, the child was freed by a frantic laundromat employee, who seemed to know how to stop the machine in the event that such a catastrophe occur. Kid has mad bargaining leverage for life.


God bless America. [Reddit]