Would Half of You Really Rather Be Called Than Texted?

I hate when people call me. Hate it. And I take it as a personal affront when they leave a voicemail. But apparently more than half of cellphone-using Americans still prefer dealing with calls and voicemails over texts.


Specifically, 53 percent of cellphone users still, inexplicably, prefer being called to texted. The numbers switch when you factor in usage; 55 percent of people who send and receive more than 50 texts per day prefer texts to calls, up from 31 percent overall. It just so happens that 50 texts per day is the average for the 18-24 bracket, so it's pretty clear how this breaks down age-wise.

There's obviously a place for phone calls. Catching up with family, long-distance relationships, letting the family of the heiress you're ransoming know you're serious—some situations call for, well, a call. But if there's no immediacy or required intimacy to a call, I feel like it's better left as a text. What about you guys? [Pew Internet]

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