Would You Buy a Plasma TV or a LCD TV?

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I know, I know. We all want to enjoy a gorgeous OLED TV or eat 4K visual deliciousness in our living room but those sets are ridiculously expensive and going to be pretty unrealistic for a long while. The best TV at the moment is the Panasonic VT50, a plasma screen, but we all know people's eyeballs have their own preferences.


So let's hear it. Plasma seems to have a lot of value at bigger sizes (I'm looking at buying a 60" set) and they've long shed most of the problems that gave it a bad rep earlier in the decade, so I'm leaning in that direction but do you guys think LED LCD TVs are still king? Which looks better? Are the energy savings real? What TV should I buy? I don't want any sort of quasi-smart features, just a big, dumb, beautiful screen.



Plasmas have deeper blacks and richer colors. I love my Samsung PN50U8000 and play games on it regularly with no issues. It has the best image I have ever seen on screen from my blu rays as well.

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