Would You Climb Into a Capsule To Escape a Tsunami?

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A pair of former Boeing engineers are building an escape pod that would let people ride out the worst of a Tsunami inside a giant ball. The Tsunami capsules could hit the market in two years with a price tag as low as $1000.

The idea was hatched several years ago when engineer Julian Sharpe saw tsunami warnings on the shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon. He shared his idea with co-worker Scott Hill and the concept for the Tsunami ball was born. Their idea was shelved, but quickly rekindled after the tsunami hit Japan.


The Tsunami pod will be a 7-foot ball with seating and safety straps for six people. It's designed to protect the occupants for several hours while they are tossed around by the Tsunami's powerful waves. Imagine what it would be like to be inside the ball. Floating, banging into things, and scared out of your mind.


But, hey, if the company IDEA Inc. can't make a profit off these safety pods, they could always morph them into a wild amusement park ride. [TechFlash]

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