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Would You Pay For Ad-Free YouTube?

Illustration for article titled Would You Pay For Ad-Free YouTube?

Reports from both Fortune and The Guardian indicate that Google is planning to start a subscription music service like Spotify soon. But the craziest little nugget buried in the reports: YouTube might be getting an ad-free option. Imagine no more Vevo ads. Hello, holy grail.


Fortune seems convinced that YouTube—and not the Google Music storage locker—will be the home of the purported forthcoming music service. A subscription to the streaming music would come with the added benefit of ad-free YouTube. We don't know exactly what shape a future service would take, but YouTube, which is owned by Google, did confirm that it's looking into subscriptions as a source of revenue.

But given how annoying YouTube ads are, here's the question: would you pay not to watch them like you pay for ad-free Pandora? How much? [Fortune and The Guardian]

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adblock doesn't work on apps. it doesn't work on tablets, phones,gaming handhelds, gaming consoles, setup media boxes. It would be worth dropping down $5-$10 a month to get an ad-free experience on ALL devices.