Wowzers—Cheapest HDMI Cable We've Ever Seen Is $2

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High-end cable fans, get your New Balances on and run! Run to the Amazon, because it's flogging HDMI super high-resolution cable from DVI Gear for a measly $2. Yep, you heard. Two. Bucks. Our tipster Jon put it thus: "Holy Crap 2 dollar 6 foot HDMI cables," adding that the cheapest he'd ever seen was around seven times that amount. The closest competitor we could find via Google was OutletPC with a $4 version. UPDATE: Editorial Assistant Benny, the Artist formerly known as Bennytheintern, tells me that he bought some last summer for a bit more than a buck from the same place. Still a good deal, though. [Amazon]


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I thought cable vendor didn't matter and recently bought some very cheap 3-foot HDMI cables. I spent hours pre-Super Bowl trying to hook up projector/cable box... only to discover that it was the HDMI cables not allowing a signal, just absolutely no picture (3 foot cable!). Trial and error and using better cables fixed my no-picture problems. I was sort of shocked. Maybe I just got a bad batch, but still.

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