Wrap Your Lens in a Burrito

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Eating Mexican is inexpensive and convenient—just walk outside and find the nearest purveyor of Mexican food. What a world! But protecting your photography gear? That's usually neither. So wouldn't it make sense to turn your lens into Mexican food?


The Photorito lens wrap by Photojojo isn't edible—at least not according to their lawyers—but it might keep your lens from cracking! The tyvek and neoprene cover also looks like a freshly-grilled tortilla, which won't make you a better photographer, but will perhaps remind you of an actual burrito, steadying your arms and sharpening your eye.

Keep in mind that you will have to wrap this like an actual burrito, which, depending on the amount of time you've been employed at Chipotle, will either be a cinch or a pain in the ass. Ay yi yi [Photojojo]



I like how it totally doesn't protect the glass.

Who cares about some small scratches on the plastic? I'm more worried about the actual lens getting scratched, or dust getting in the housing. Neither of which are prevented by this wrap.