Wrap Yourself In Awesome Errors With These Glitch Blankets

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The problem with graphical glitches is that they generally show up when you're trying to look at something else. Something not glitched. But if you're just looking at them on their own, they can be be pretty fascinating, and even beautiful. That seems to be the idea behind Phillip Stearn's Glitch Textiles, a set of very purposeful errors.


Kickstarted in August of last year, Glitch Textiles are blankets made with images taken from shorted out cameras and other "unorthodox visual techniques." The result is a series of blankets with unique and uniquely strange and colorful patterns a human being would be hard-pressed to think up. The blankets are available in a wide variety of designs that run the gamut from rainbow static to larger, splotchier blocks of color.

With all the Kickstarterin' said and done, you can actually buy the blankets now, though they're a biiiiit pricey at $350 a pop. Many are limited editions though, generally of five, so at least you can rest assured that you got something rare for you money. Whether they'll keep you $350 worth of warm is another question all together, but they'll definitely keep your eyes open. [Boing Boing]

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Yeah, right, these used to be the cheapest rugs when I grew up - we called them 'rag rugs'. $350? There's only one thing to say.