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WSJ: Amazon Is Going to Start Sunday Deliveries

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Wall Street Journal claims that Amazon is planning to start delivering packages on Sundays, to customers in Los Angeles and New York, in a new partnership with the United States Postal Service.

The new collaboration will kick off on November 17th in the nation's two largest cities, but is intended to expands to Dallas, New Orleans, Houston, Phoenix and more next year. Logistically, Amazon will deliver packages to Postal Service depots on Saturday evening or Sunday morning, before they're then delivered to doorsteps sometime on the Sunday.

Sunday delivery will cost no more than normal delivery, explains the Journal, and will be available to all Amazon customers in the catchment area. In fact, customers won't even need to specify Sunday delivery: if the order happens to be ready at that time, it'll just show up. Neither Amazon or the US Postal Service has discussed the costs, volume projections or length of the contract.


Apparently the service is a little-known Postal Service offering run over the holidays, it's just that Amazon is the first organization to turn it into a big commercial push. And no doubt it's a sensible move: the immediacy and convenience of being able to receive purchases seven days a week is surely another dent in the bricks'n'mortar armor. And perfect for holiday shopping, obviously. [WSJ]