WWF Is a New Green File Format That's Impossible To Print

Illustration for article titled WWF Is a New Green File Format Thats Impossible To Print

The rabble rousers at the World Wildlife Fund (they re-named fake wrestling!) have created a new, PDF-type file format called WWF. It's a file format that CANNOT be printed out. The idea: save as WWF, save a tree.


WWF is currently only savable and readable on Mac, but a Windows version should be coming soon. [SaveAsWWF via core77]

Here's a video telling us about all the trees we kill with PDF (but more seriously, a non-print file is admittedly an interesting idea):

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So how exactly is it unprintable? What stops you from printing it?

Also file formats are popularly referred to by pronouncing the file name, so everyone says "gif" instead of spelling out g-i-f, with this WWF format we are all going to be saying "Woof"