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X Hints At The Spot In New Marvel Teasers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Marvel Comics knows a good tease when it sees one, which might explain the latest, wordless image that they've released in support of a mystery project. All we know about this shadowy femme fatale is that she's somehow connected to the letter X and the number 2009, but if you come under the jump, you can see the whole picture, its earlier counterpart, and some baseless speculation as to what it could all mean.

The image - revealed at Marvel's "Mondo Marvel" panel at his weekend's Wizard World Chicago convention - is actually the second such teaser to be released by Marvel; the first, below, was released at the Wizard World Philadelphia convention earlier this year.


What do the images mean? Well, the letter X seems to suggest that it's got something to do with the X-Men... And, in fact, those bright red glasses make the character in the first image look not unlike X-Men leader Cyclops. But who is the second character with the green eyes?


Our bet is that it's Rogue (Look; her eyes are green); the seeming white strands at the front of her hair suggest that we're on the right track. But what's with the gun and the trenchcoat? And why is Cyclops also decked out in the coat and gun combo? And is that a cowboy hat he's wearing? Will we see Professor Xavier's children of the atom doing a little time-traveling at some point next year...?

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