X-Ray of Two-Headed Snake Is Your Mythical Creature Come to Life of the Day

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Snakes are cool. Two-headed snakes are awesome. X-rays of two-headed albino snakes are amazeballs.


Born in Florida (of course), the albino Honduran milk snake(s) belongs to biologist Daniel Parker, owner of Sunshine Serpents. The nearly two-month old gal(s) were recently X-rayed for science! The X-ray shows where their snake spines are fused together.

What's interesting is that when the snake(s) eat. One does all the eating while the other looks on placidly. You know, just chilling, while the other does all the work. There's video and photos in the gallery. I put them there because, you know, some people don't want to see that stuff. Pansies.


If you're going to be in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, you should go check them out at Repticon. [Sunshine Serpents via Boing Boing]

Images: Daniel Parker