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X170 Action Camera Is Ready For Any Adventure

Illustration for article titled X170 Action Camera Is Ready For Any Adventure

If a rugged cam is only as good as the places you can mount it, then the X170 Action Camera, which can be strapped to heads, latched to handlebars, and velcroed just about anywhere else, must be pretty damn good.


The X170 from Drift Innovation shoots 720 x 480 video and 5MP photos on a 170° wide angle lens that itself can be rotated 300º. It has a wrist-worn remote control that works to a distance of 5 meters, and a small color LCD screen for checking your shot. It supports SD cards and runs on AA batteries so you can swap when you're in the field.

But most importantly, it only weighs 128 grams and comes with a goggle mount, a handlebar grip, a helmet grip, a head strap, a universal clip, and industrial strength velcro. If you're just a skiier, fine, go for the a gogglecam. But for the diverse adventurer, the X170 is a camera with a lot of flexibility.


It costs $200, and you can consult the Drift Innovation's website to find a dealer near you. In fact, it might be worth it alone just to see what this "industrial strength velcro" is all about. [Drift via Wired]

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Congrats! you win the interweb.

I want some Gizmodo footage!

On a side note i'm note sure i'm ready to destroy $200 worth of equipment. Anything i'd be interested in getting footage on would run the risk of things breaking.