Xbox 360 HD DVD Promo Extended, More Movies Added

The summer Xbox 360 HD DVD promotion that offered you five free HD DVD movies of your choosing (out of a pile of their choosing) has been extended to February 28, meaning you can still get in on this free film deal if you're planning on going high def for Christmas. Bettter yet, they've added additional movies from Swordfish (lousy film, topless women!) to Troy (lousy film, topless men!) to The Frighteners (pretty decent film, topless Michael J. Fox!). Best to check out the list if you're even thinking about this deal.

Category A Aeon Flux Babel The Italian Job

Category B
Pitch Black
The Thing

Category C
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Full Metal Jacket

Category D
The Frighteners
U2: Rattle and Hum

Category E
Black Rain

Only one disc per category. [Xbox via Kotaku]


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