Xbox 360 Tricks for the Power User

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The Xbox 360 is a powerful gaming system and media player, but few people know all of its ins and outs. Techradar publshed a "10 Tricks" article on the console, and while most of the information will not be news to the average Giz reader (OMG THE XBOX PLAYS MY IPOD!!), we found two tricks that we hadn't seen before. First, you can play online without a LIVE gold account by fooling your Xbox into thinking it's on a LAN with XLink Kai. The other tip is that you can reset your video settings to factory default by holding "Y" while booting the system. Hit the link for the rest of 'em. [Techradar via Kotaku and image]


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Platypus Man

Man, isn't that Xlink thing basically the exact same thing everyone did to play Halo 1 online, before Live even existed? That's an old trick.

They even tried it with the Gamecube (Project Warp Pipe), but that never really got popular. Plus, it really only worked with Mario Kart.