Xbox Live Vision Camera Maps Your Face Into Rainbow Six Vegas

Not a gadget, per se, but the upcoming Rainbow Six Vegas game for Xbox 360 will let you use the Xbox Live Vision Camera to let you map your face onto your character. We saw a demo of this in action before, and personally I'm pretty excited about this feature.

It's not that I like seeing my face all the time—which I do, because I love myself—but mapping your likeness into the game really makes you feel like you're the one getting shot at.

Put Your Face In Rainbow Six Vegas [IGN via Kotaku]

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Tin Foil Ninja

why does that guy sound like the comic book store owner from the simpsons? i expected him to say "worst. game. ever."

Contrary to that, I'll be getting a 360 soley for this. I mean what better way to frag your friends with a character with your face on it eh?