Xbox Might Get Comcast and Verizon Cable Soon

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Microsoft appears to be close to closing the deal on bringing Comcast and Verizon to the Xbox, with the console serving as a set-top box, according to Digiday.


If the reports are accurate, the deals could be done within the next 30 days. The deals would allow customers to subscribe to TV packages through Comcast or Verizon Fios directly through their consoles and avoid the dreaded dance with the cable guy.


Previous demos of the forthcoming Xbox Live refresh had shown Bing search integrated into Zune, Xbox Live, video services like Hulu and Netflix, and also on-demand videos from partnered cable providers, so it's good to see that the agreements are coming together to make that happen. [Digiday via Kotaku, The Next Web]

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A tortoise named Hubert

2 things, I guess you can't use this if you don't get service from those 2 in your neighborhood, and does that mean you would need 4 xbox'es, one for each TV? It would kind of kill the point to have all this great integration in only one room (my opinion).