XCM 360 Hot Rock Case Warns Of Impending Doom

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If you or someone you love has been affected by the Xbox 360's red rings of death, consider the new 360 Hot Rock case from the modders at XCM. This clear case mod comes with a temperature gauge and multicolor LED that goes from cool blue to flaming red as your console approaches the melting point. No price point yet, but the Wii version runs about $60, which is most likely what this creature will cost once it's available.
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You buy the 360 because it is the only console with decent games. The Wii is awesome for party games, but woefully inadequate for hard core gaming. I only play my Wii when I have company. The PS3 just doesn't have the games, and is not likely to any time soon. MS has addressed the heating issue by adding an additional heat sink AND by extending the warranty to THREE full years. They are going to reimburse anyone who has had to pay for a non-warranty repair. I'd rather own a console with a higher failure rate, that I know will have a quality warranty, than a more expensive console with far fewer games and just a standard warranty. With my Vista PC and my 2 360's, I now have free Tivo on every TV in my house. The PS3 will never do that. Call me a fangirl if you want, but I'm in it for the games and the media features.