Crystal Chameleon Case for Wii Shows Its Colors When the Heat is On

If it gets a bit too hot inside that Nintendo Wii of yours, this ii-case Crystal Chameleon Hot Rock Case will let you know at a glance. It has a built-in digital LED thermometer, and you can tell how hot your Wii is getting by looking at its color. Every time the Wii gets 5° hotter, its LED lights' color changes to a hotter hue on the color spectrum. By the time it's up to 55°C, it'll be glowing red as a beet.

This is actually a plastic case that replaces the one surrounding the innards of the Wii. It'll take a bit of disassembly to take out the Wii's components, and then install them in this case, but from the looks of it, that might be a task that's well worth it. On the next page, there's full close-up view of this handsome case mod, along with pricing and availability info.


Shipping this week, it'll be $54.99.

Product Page [Total Console]

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