The Nintendo Wii Turns Five Today, Dust Yours Off and Say Happy Birthday

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Do you remember where you were five years ago? If you're a gamer there's a good chance you were standing in line waiting for the Nintendo Wii, and an even better chance you didn't get one.


Believe it or not today is the fifth anniversary of the Wii's release here in North America. And besides introducing (usable) motion controls to the gaming world and rekindling everyone's love of bowling, the Wii also showed that the best way to sell 88.3 million consoles (as of October 2011) was not with high-def graphics or hardcore content, but by appealing to a wider audience. Of course, limited availability to keep demand high didn't hurt either.

Before the Wii came along my parents only interaction with gaming was to turn down our TVs when the repetitive soundtracks of our Super Nintendo titles started wearing thin. Attempts to teach them how to use the N64's controller were futile at best, but they were able to pick up the Wii's motion controls like they'd been bowling turkeys with a Wiimote since they were toddlers. The console served as a gateway for non-gamers to enter the fold, and as much as Microsoft and Sony made claims that motion controls were gimmicky, both now offer their own unique flavors as a result of the Wii's success. Even the iPhone has gained a gyroscope, granting it Wiimote-like capabilities.

But the Wii wasn't all roses. The number of titles I played on a regular basis can only fill a single hand's worth of fingers. And five years later the game I still play most often, Wii Sports, was included with the console at launch. Third parties still had a hard time competing with the games published by Nintendo, and the Wii spawned enough gimmicky accessories to fill an entire aisle at Best Buy.


However, after the ho-hum GameCube, the Wii showed the world that Nintendo was still relative and could come up with something to genuinely innovate the gaming industry. Even if it ended up claiming the lives of many a flat screen TV in the process. I feel bad that my Wii, which is still hooked up, hasn't been powered up in at least a year, because it did provide some great gaming nights at the height of its popularity. But its spirit will live on! The Wii U is looming on the horizon, and that crazy concept of getting our asses off the couch to play a video game obviously isn't going away anytime soon. [The Verge]




I had plans on November 4th 2006. It consisted of right before midnight, toys r us, and a lady. The lady I speak of I had a slight crush on. I just seperated from my now ex-wife. I was living with a friend. Since I was no longer under the opressive regeme of the ex, I was going to treat myself with some items.

Well this lady at work was cute and liked games, so a double win for me. I inquired if she was going to wait in line for a wii. She said she would be and we made plans to meet up for a midnight rendavous and wait together. I figured I'd get to talk to a captive audence for a couple of hours and possibly make headway.

I drive out that way at like 11pm. I drove by bestbuy and saw a line of true nerds I would like to be a part of. But it also looked like there were too many anyway. I stuck with the plan. 12:30AM on the 5th comes and no replys from my texts. I was in my car in the parking lot. Didn't see anyone else, but some cars were showing up. I took my jacket and went to the front door. Tonight would not be a night for love, I muttered to myself.

Well it was damn cold that night. Light snow cold. I had just a crappy good will trench coat on. I talked my roommate into bringing another coat down to keep me warm. Some people showed up for the line. I'd pass out, wake up with numb hands and see more people.

By 6am there was a crowd. A big line and I was at the head. I felt like the greatest geek at toys r us. What a sad realization. The store had so many wiis, so they handed out a golden ticket of sorts. Mine had both the greatest and lonliest number on it. #1. Since there was no rush to run into the store I could take some time.

I purchased twlight princess with my console. I also grabbed the DBZ game. Red Dead redemption was added to the mix. My roommate and I played the hell out of DBZ.

As for the girl, well we never hooked up. We talked some more, but I moved to a different store. I haven't seen her in years. Now for the console, I sold it long ago. I was "with" a girl that also had a Wii, and I needed money. I wish I kept that wii, for then I'd still have one today. As for the other girl, that is a different story, maybe for another day.