New Wiimote With Inbuilt MotionPlus Inadvertently Outed

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Leaked on the retailer Gamestop's website in the artwork for the FlingSmash game is the "Wii Remote Plus," which looks to be a wiimote with inbuilt MotionPlus, for more accurate real-time control.


It's not surprisingly that Nintendo would redesign the wiimote with integrated MotionPlus, though whether they'll charge a little more for the new feature is anyone's guess. The existing MotionPlus add-on costs around $20, and is only compatible with several titles at the moment.

Judging by the very small picture, the new wiimote looks identical to the current one, save for the curve of words around the "Wii" logo.

American site Gamestop has listed the FlingSmash game/wiimote bundle at $50, with a shipping date of 11/7/2010—no idea if that's November or July, which has obviously passed us by. I'm guessing November, and that some European was entering the data that day. [Gamestop via NintendoLife via SlashGear via Kotaku]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Are Wii sales still strong? Most people I know, like myself, loved it for a couple of months until its novelty wore out. New games didn't seem to help that either and therefore the systems are now sitting around collecting dust. The only time I really play mine is when there's a ton of people over and it's something fun to do at a party.