XXIT Is 11 Minutes of Awesome from Stargate Studios

I was never much of a Stargate SG-1 fan—just wasn't the same without Kurt Russell—but if the TV series is as good as this short film (by a completely unrelated, yet similarly-named company), I'm going to need to clear some space on my Instant Queue.

XXIT is the story of a time-travelling replicant who travels into the past to save her original human form, her "donor." The very foxy Nicollette Sheridan, from such titles as Desperate Housewives and Beverly Hills Ninja, stars.

And, if you've been wondering how well the new Canon EOS C300 performs, give XXIT a whirl—it was shot on one. [Stargate Studios via Nerd Approved]


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Raphael Huber

Doesnt really have anything to do with stargate the series or film, since Sam Nicholson and Stargate Studios is just a visual efx comp. which didn't even work for sg1 as for my quick research at least.

Anyways. SG-1, surely has its problems, however Richard Dean Anderson over the seasons surely develops into a far better Jack oNeil then the always depressive one-face Kurt Russel ever was.

Stargate the movie was really great, but SG-1 is just as great in a TV-show way. Season 7 and 8 are awesomness pure. Also Atlantis is quite good if you give it a chance and wear Anti-Tayla goggles. The overall mood through the stargate universe is neutral to positive, which makes it possible to run 10 seasons. there is tagedy but also lots of humour and that is one reason why it works so well... compared to battlestar galactica or starge universe which are totall depressive and negative in mood. (i liked both anyways)

If you start watching the seasons just give it a chance, beware that some episodes could as well not exists, but the whole saga is brilliant.