In my local gym, MP3 players practically outnumber people. As useful as music is for motivation during a tough workout, nothing can kill your mood faster than a poorly chosen song. Thankfully, Yamaha is about to debut its new digital audio player, the 512MB BODiBEAT. Using an acceleration sensor and an ear clip pulse monitor, the BODiBEAT observes your workout and changes your song to match your running pace.


If you're feeling a little more proactive, you can use the built-in Fitness Mode to challenge yourself. In Fitness Mode, songs with increasing tempos will be chosen and it is your task to speed up to match them. If the sensor thinks your heart rate is exceeding safe limits, it will toss in a slower song to cool you down. Don't like your tunes? It comes loaded with several beat tracks that will automatically remix themselves and adjust their tempo to keep you guessing. Plug the BODiBEAT into your computer to see exercise logs each week with charts of your pacing alongside other info. $299 is a steep price for a small device, but if you're a serious runner it could pay off in the long haul. [Yamaha BODiBEAT via jkOnTheRun]