Yamaha YSP-1 "Digital Sound Projector"

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Yamaha comes around with a new and semi-interesting looking product called the "Digital Sound Projector," which is probably the first innovative attempt I've seen at virtual surround sound technology in a while. The speaker looks much like many other elongated speakers when it's got its cover on, but on the inside, you'll notice that the Digital Sound Projector is in fact a collection of 40 4cm speakers. Explaining exactly how the "Digital Sound Projection" technology works would probably bore the hell out of you, but to summarize, the sound get projected out of the speaker at certain angles depending on what combination of the 40 smaller speakers it uses to produce the sound. Yamaha relies on the small size of Japanese housing to bounce the sound off of your walls, effectively giving you front and rear channels all from one speaker.


Or at least that's how it's advertised. I sure as hell won't be spending the 157,500 yen ($1,493 USD) on it to find out.

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