Yep, iOS Is Getting Widgets

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Apple has finally made its Notification Center functional. Now, you can include info- and function-packed widgets right in your Notifications screen.

The new widget functions are part of iOS's new, overall extensibility, but here, your apps have been molded into Notification Center-friendly form. For instance, if you have the eBay app, you'll be able to bid directly from your Notification Center. And as with everything else in your Notification Center, the layout is more or less totally customizable. You can pick and choose which apps get their widgets displayed and rearrange them as you see fit.

Illustration for article titled Yep, iOS Is Getting Widgets

As far as we can tell, it doesn't seem like you'll need to enter a passcode to action the fairly extensive functionality of iOS's new widgets. Which, depending on which applications you choose to include, could be a bit of a problem. Everything from purchases to private communications could be on the display. This seems like a big factor for Apple to have overlooked, though, so hopefully there will be another layer of permissions we have yet to see.

Of course, all this is something that's been an Android staple for ages, and Apple is just barely catching up to the pack. But there's been a major void in iOS functionality as far as the Notification Center was concerned, so its about damn time we see Tim and Co. remedy one of the biggest drawbacks in the iOS ecosystem—with widgets and extensions in general.

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Before all the Android/Apple fanboys get started in a flame war (and to try to prevent said flame war), can we all just agree that there are things each mobile OS has that the other doesn't and that both Apple and Google have been catching up with each other for years?