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Yes! Google's New Camera App Yells at People For Taking Vertical Video

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Google's new standalone Camera app is a sleek and powerful alternative to the stock Android camera. Turns out, it's also a soldier in the war against vertical videos. Try to shoot a portrait-framed vid, and you'll stare down the cold judgment of an icon telling you you're doing it wrong. You've been warned.

First spotted by the folks at Android Police, this nifty little feature will hopefully encourage people to use their phones' built-in video cameras the way the photo-gods intended. Although, to be honest, the folks who need the most encouragement probably aren't A) installing standalone camera apps, or B) going to recognize what the little spinny-arrow icon is telling them to do. Is the camera still loading? Is it thinking?


But still! Bravo, Google, for taking on this scourge of the internet. In the fight against vertical video, any enemy of my enemy is my friend. [Android Police via Digg]

GIF by Michael Hession