Yes, This Is a Working Star Wars Speeder Bike Motorcycle

Admit it, every time you climbed about your trusty bicycle as a kid you imagined yourself hopping on one of the Speeder Bikes used on Endor in Return of the Jedi. Most of us let go of that fantasy, but the folks at Vintage Works did not. It doesn’t fly, but this Speeder Bike motorcycle is undoubtedly the next best thing.

Can it tear through Endor-like forests at break-neck speeds? Probably not. But why would you even want to risk this perfect replica with a stunt like that? The Speeder Bike’s handlebars can not only be used to steer the motorcycle, they also control the flaps at the front. And Vintage Works has included a sound system complete with Speeder Bike and blaster sound effects for added authenticity.

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Unfortunately, it appears like this is just a one-off creation by Vintage Works, built to make Star Wars fans incredibly envious of how awesome their daily commutes could be. But if you’re as well funded as the Empire is, you might be able to convince the shop to build one for you, too.

[Vintage Works via Twitter - the RPF]



So, it’s a working... motorcycle.