Yinlips iPad Clone Ditches LCD For E-Ink

If you saw the iPad and said "Yes!" but then heard that it had an LCD screen and said "No!," Yinlips is making the clone for you: their iPad lookalike has an E-Ink screen.

Okay, it's not color and it won't run any of those apps you cherish so much, but if you like the form factor of the iPad and the easy-on-the-eyes screen of the Kindle, this device from Yinlips offers the best of both worlds.


It packs a 6" E-Ink touchscreen and boasts 20 hours of battery life, and can handle PDF, TXT, HTML, and apparently some photo formats as well.

There's no word on the price or availability of this Frankenreader yet, and the original page in Chinese doesn't offer much in the way of detail. Still, if you're an E-Ink devotee but you really don't want to give up that single home button, stay tuned for more information. [Imp3 via PMP Today - Thanks Brian!]

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