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Yobo FC3 Plus Plays NES, SNES and Genesis Cartridges

Illustration for article titled Yobo FC3 Plus Plays NES, SNES and Genesis Cartridges

We may take the system for granted now, but your inner 10-year-old is simply amazed by the Yobo FC3 Plus. A console that's fully compatible with NES, SNES and Sega Genesis titles, you can finally put those old cartridges to use without filling your home theater setup with unsustainable levels of boxes and wires. Including an NES-compatible light gun and two controllers, the FC3 Plus is a smart eBay purchase for the time being, going for about $50 from various independent retailers. Read on for a full unboxing.

The controllers look only tolerable and they use proprietary connectors (so no plugging in your own), but that lightgun appears to be a fantastic recreation of the original. [eBay via Unplggd and Videogame Central]


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