Illustration for article titled Yoomi Baby Bottle Heats Milk For You, No Cartridges Required

Self-heating containers aren't a new idea, but rarely are they as practical or reusable as the Yoomi baby bottle.


You simply push a button on the bottle and wait 60 seconds. The milk will be heated to the perfect, baby-friendly temperature.

But unlike, say, those self-heating mocha lattes you can buy at the store, the heating element can be "recharged" by tossing it in boiling water. The liquid inside becomes solid, and the chemical reaction renews for next time. (This works about 100 times before you need another heating pack.)

The Yoomi is on sale in the UK now for $35, though I expect we'll see it reach more retailers over time. And before I get any strange looks from relatives who are reading this post, no, Liz isn't pregnant. I just think the bottle is neat. [MailOnline]

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