Pour yourself a whiskey and think about this before going to sleep tonight: "What you perceive as a conscious perspective is actually a bunch of little particles banging into each other and swerving around based on the same rules that form stars, nebulae, and black holes...

...That means these rules must contain within them the potential to create all of the happiness, sadness, joy, laughter, and despair of all the beings that will ever exist in the universe."โ€”TheOnlyRealAlex


I don't know who you are or how real are you, Alex, but Heraclitus wants his weed back. Also, fuck you.*

Additional comment by hdx514:

"Let's not forget also that the atoms, and hence you, are mostly made up of empty space, held together by force fields."


*In a very loving way, with candles and rose petals. Made of atoms.

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