You Ask, io9 Answers!

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You may not be aware that io9 has something called the Observation Deck, which is pretty much the Open Thread that never sleeps. But the questions asked over there? They're getting answered right here. Well, some of them.

Bill-Lee asks the question you've all been thinking:

I think I may be addicted to i09. Is there a 12 step program?

The correct answer is, Why would you want one? But instead, you kind, kind, misguided people tried to help him. Quoth RandomFrequentFlierDent:

I've found that getting addicted to something else is a big help. My Fallout 3 addiction kept me away for a while. So did my Stargate SG-1 addiction. Exams also went a long way towards helping.

No matter what though, I always end up coming back to io9 in the end.

We're totally going to use "io9: Outlasting your exams and other addictions" as a new tagline now. EdificeComplex, meanwhile, gives us a chance to please the Corporate Overlords:

I find it helps alleviate some of the guilt if you spread your addiction over the entire Gawker Media universe. Some io9 here, some Kotaku and Giz there. Every now and then pop over to Jalopnik. So instead of wasting your entire day on one site, you've broadened your horizons by soaking up the collective knowledge of the entire Gawker-verse. Or so I tell myself at the end of every day.


Nick Denton thanks you, EC. And, because he signs my checks, so do I.

ThisDudeRufus asks:

Say, has there been any recent news on the Cowboy Bebop movie they were planning, or did it go the way of Akira?

And while we're talking about it, will io9 be covering the Conan the Barbarian reboot?


In reverse order, probably not although we'll undoubtedly end up mentioning it a few times, especially if it ends up looking either awesome or hilariously bad (Conan is pretty much straight fantasy, not urban fantasy or sci-fi, and so pretty much falls outside of the io9 remit barring any revolutionary shift in agenda... Sorry? Unless you didn't want us to cover it, in which case, you're welcome), and I don't think there's been any movement on the Bebop live-action movie recently.

In "Seriously, no-one answered this?" news, Benguin asks:

I've been getting into Deadpool in a big bad way lately and was wondering if there was a trade paperback collection of any of his series. Anyone know?


The short answer is, yes, lots. A quick look at the Comic Book Database shows two collections of the current Deadpool series, a hardcover collection of the Suicide Kings miniseries, three collections of his earlier appearances as well as the eight Cable/Deadpool collections and however many other books are out of print but probably easily available online. Hope that helps.

Bella_vina reminds me that I need to check out British television again:

Dear io9, maybe in order to finally stop those heroes-recaps you need a replacement? Fine. I vote "Being Human". The second season appears to be amazing.


Stop the Heroes recaps? But those are the only times each week that Annalee gets to have fun! Don't tell me you buy all her "Oh, this is a terrible show" stuff... She's a massive fan and goes to bed each night wearing Mohinder Suresh pyjamas. That said, yes: We should do more on Being Human, you're right.

Almost finally, NerD Blattella brings up a good point:

Is it too early to start talking about Comic-Con? ...I want to get a sense of how many people are going.


Presuming that you're talking about San Diego and not New York, it's definitely not too early; the show's nearly entirely sold out, in what can only be described as "Complete Fucking Insanity" (Only Thursday and Sunday tickets remain available). The guests haven't even been officially announced yet! Everyone who's bought tickets, you'd better hope that all the big players don't decide just to blow the whole thing off this year, otherwise it'll be a somewhat embarrassing case of "Early Bird Gets The Lou Ferrigno Autograph." We'll be there, as usual, but we're holding off on thinking about it any more at least until we get past Wondercon in April.

We end with what's my favorite comment of the week, especially if I take it out of context:

Gender in real life is fun; gender on the internet is hysterical. My husband plays hot female characters in MMORPG's because other players will give him stuff for free and help him without his asking. I try and tell him not to lead them on, but he thinks it's awesome. I tell him he's shallow and can be bought for a shiny bauble. He says I'm loosing out on free loot because of my principles. It generally goes downhill from there.


Sometimes, there's nothing more to add.