You Can Buy an Actual Viking Ship at Denmark's Viking Ship Museum

After touring a museum, what do you think is the best gift shop souvenir to commemorate your visit? A post card? A magnet? The online gift shop for the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark, has got something far more appropriate: an actual viking boat to stage your own conquests.

The museum is far more than just a place to see ancient viking artifacts behind glass. Part of the facility features a workshop where modern day craftsmen use authentic ancient tools and techniques to build copies of Viking boats. And one of them can be yours, but they're significantly more expensive than a book of post cards.


The boat pictured above is actually partly made using authentic Viking tools, but modern equipment as well, so that it can be more easily mass-produced. As a result, the Trýbekkur, as it's called, will only cost you just north of $24,500.

But if you prefer absolute authenticity for your souvenir, you can order the 40-foot long Skuldelev—made using only genuine Viking tools and techniques. It will cost you upwards of $545,000, but at least no one will make fun of you for navigating your local waters in a (relatively) cheap knock-off. [Culture Nordic via The Copenhagen Post]

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