You Can Buy Boo, the Internet's Cutest Dog

Boo, an animal so impossibly cute as to make physicists question our understanding of the cosmos, is now available for mass production. It's soft. It's lifelike. We went hands-on with the most disgustingly cute toy ever seen.


The Boo Doll, which debuted at the New York Toy Fair this week, is more than just a doll. It's a doll, sure, but it's the closest you'll ever come to rubbing a meme against your face. We were told the replica beast was modeled after the real thing. Were lasers involved? I'm going to assume yes.

Fine, it's a doll, but at $20, it's a lot cheaper than trying to kidnap the real Boo, which I've plotted out in my head—trust me, it's an expensive operation.


scratched cornea

Cuteness overload