A Real NASA Moon Camera Is on Ebay Right Now

Ever wanted to take pictures like an astronaut? Now's your chance. There's an original Hasselblad 500EL Electric Camera kit on Ebay right now. Just like the ones that were used on the lunar Apollo missions. If you act fast—and have a spare $74,950.00 laying around—it could be yours.


The camera's listed by camera dealer Setadel Studios and is the real deal, dating back to 1969. It spent the past couple of decades in a couple different private collections, but now it's up for grabs, with the auction ending tomorrow. No bids yet!

The pack comes with everything you could need from lenses to promotional booklets, and the camera is both in working order and excellent condition. According to Setadel, less pristine versions have sold for over $100,000, so this is technically a pretty good deal.

There's only one catch: this camera wasn't actually on the moon. All the ones that were are still up there, because astronauts left them behind to make room for moon rocks. Still, it'd be an amazing gadget to own, even though you probably can't afford it. But if you'd really kill to get it, now's the time to get murderin'. [Ebay via Reddit via PetaPixel]


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