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You Can Finally Buy a Working Back to the Future 2 Hoverboard

The day you’ve dreamed of since Back to the Future 2 first hit theaters 26 years ago is finally here—kind of. ThinkGeek is now selling a perfect working replica of the hoverboard that Marty McFly rode in Hill Valley, circa 2015. As long as your interpretation of “perfect working replica” includes the hoverboard being just an inch-and-a-half long, you won’t be disappointed here.


There might be one or two other caveats as well. Unless you stand less than four-inches tall, you probably won’t be able to actually ride it. And the only place the board—made of pyrolytic graphite—floats is over a base filled with high-grade rare earth magnets. But they’re all slightly curved so the board will slowly bounce back and forth if you give it a little flick. And unlike the ones in the movie, there’s no reason to think this one won’t work on water.

Illustration for article titled You Can Finally Buy a Working iBack to the Future 2/i Hoverboard

That’s probably why ThinkGeek is only asking $40 for this replica. And it probably goes without saying, but if you’re living with a pacemaker or continue to use floppy disks (for some unknown reason) you’ll probably want to stay away from this one because of those powerful magnets. [ThinkGeek]

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Feh.... close enough.

*Comment made on my 1985 unimaginable smart phone.