You Can Finally Check Out Apple's Data Center on Google Earth

We already knew what Apple's 500,000sq/ft iCloud data center looked like thanks to some sneaky filming, but if you were to previously type in "6081 Startown Road" to Google Maps, you'd see nothing but green fields. Until now.


The timing serendipitously coincides with Apple announcing yesterday that they would announce next week their iCloud music service, which will (presumably) store users' media in the cloud for streaming purposes.

Last year, Apple decided the square of land in North Carolina was the perfect spot for their server farm, and paid a family $1.7m for the smaller space aligned next to Apple's land. Considering the family originally paid $6,000 for the land some 34 years ago, it's not just Apple's customers who are getting something out of the impending iCloud service. [Google Maps via Fortune]

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