You Can Finally Fulfill Your Fantasy of Sleeping Inside a 747 Engine

It won't quite give you access to the mile high club, but if you're harboring deep down fantasies involving a romance with an airplane mechanic, MotoArt's new Jumbo 747 Sleeper should scratch that itch.

As is probably obvious from the bed's curved stainless steel finish, it's made from the nacelle of a GE 747 engine that's been split in half to create a head and footboard. And since it's designed to fit a rectangular king-sized mattress, the curved pieces are filled with padded leather shelves for anything you need to stow.


And if that's not enough to woo someone into spending a redeye with you, the permanently grounded sleeper is accented with programmable lighting on the sides and underneath letting you set a specific mood—or not trip on something when you roll out of bed. The bed will cost you a whopping $27,500, but if you've priced GE's jet engines recently, you'll realize that's a bargain. [MotoArt]

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