You Can Finally Make Email Links Open in Gmail with Chrome

No, Google. I won't let you invade my priv—-wait what. What is this. Oh wow. I can finally open email links or 'mailto' URLs in Gmail? It doesn't annoyingly open up the mail app I never use? Wow. Finally! This is long overdue! Yep. If you're using Chrome, you can make e-mail links open in Gmail now.

Since I don't use a mail app, my process of e-mailing something off a website has always been to copy and paste the email address, open up Gmail and start a new e-mail. Annoying! I was jealous of other people who could just click the link and have the Compose E-mail window of their mail client automatically pop up with the send field filled in. No more! Gmail can do that too (if you use Chrome).


Just today, Google has begun to ask people whether or not they would "Allow Gmail ( to open all email links". Click 'Use Gmail' and any email link you click on your computer will now open up Gmail (and not your default mail app). [Gmail Blog]

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