In the heat of battle, the time it takes to prime or reload a Nerf blaster could mean the difference between taking out your opponent, or taking a foam dart to the face. So today Hasbro has officially announced the new Nerf Mega RotoFury with a spinning barrel that lets users continuously hold the trigger and quickly fire off dart after dart every time they re-prime the blaster using its sliding mechanism up front.

The feature is officially known as "Slam fire" and instead of having to prime the gun and then pull the trigger, prime the gun and then pull the trigger, a fury of ten consecutive darts can be unleashed ensuring an opportunity to take down an opponent is thoroughly seized in the moment.

Available sometime this fall for $35, the Mega RotoFury does apparently require a bit of practice to ensure that barrage of darts doesn't end up jamming the blaster's firing mechanism. But after a few rounds users should get the proper timing nailed down, turning this beast into a formidable ally on the field of battle. [Blaster Labs]

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