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You Can Get Identity-Stealing Malware By Visiting This Popular Porn Site

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Usually when you hear "sex" and "Trojan" in the same sentence, it means someone's being safe. Not so much in the most recent jack-off site hijacking: People checking out RedTube, one of the most popular porn sites, are in danger of identity theft. Hackers have infected the site's source code to redirect to malware used to steal personal information.

RedTube is like the Huffington Post of porno sites: Sprawling, popular, and full of content aggregated from elsewhere on the internet. And like HuffPo, it's now best to avoid it completely.


Visiting a porn hub usually results in sketchy-looking pop-up ads; it's not unusual for porn sites to have malware problems. This one is notably bad because it's the site itself that is infected, not its advertisements. This means simply going to the homepage will redirect you to a Trojan that can be used to steal personal information.

Malwarebytes says the particular family of Trojans used here are known for "stealing personal information from users as well as installing browser helper objects that spread pop-up ads, some redirecting to additional exploit pages and therefore more malware infections."


I've asked RedTube what they're doing to fix the source code, and will update when I hear that it's cleared up the issue.

Update: Here's Redtube's statement, looks like the problem has been resolved:

The continuing proliferation of malware attacks have made them a concern for any organization. This past Sunday, leading provider of adult content RedTube was exposed to an attack for a brief period of time. Our security systems immediately detected the breach and we took direct action to rectify the situation in order to protect RedTube users. The situation was fully resolved by Sunday evening and there is no longer any risk to visiting RedTube.


Screenshots via Malwarebytes