You Can Get James Bond's Phone November 2nd

Okay, so Sony isn't making a new Nexus phone, but it is making a phone that looks pretty sweet when you're running around killing bad guys and seducing Russian models. The upcoming Xperia TL will be 007's phone of choice in the upcoming film Skyfall. It looks like a solid piece of kit.


The rundown: It's got a 4.6 inch Bravia HD Reality Display (1280 x 720), an impressive 13MP camera, NFC, and LTE. It will launch with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) with Sony's custom UI on top. It's pretty similar to the Xperia Ion, which could have been a good phone, but it was just so damn slow. Good news on that front: the Xperia TL will have Qualcomm's newer and much faster dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor (the Ion had the S3), which should hopefully take care of the slowness problem, though it isn't as fast as the quad-core S4 Pro, which is in LG's super-fast Optimus G.

The Xperia TL will be exclusive to AT&T and will go on sale November 2nd for $100 with a two year contract. If the phone measures up to the specs, that would be a pretty sweet deal. You can expect our full review soon. Hope Bond has better taste in phones than he does in mixed drinks. [Sony]


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