The Lego designer that brought us the fabulous Lego Research Institute earlier this year has returned to Lego's crowdsourced set creation project Lego Ideas with another trio of awesome Lego scientists - and you can help get it suggested to be turned into a real Lego set!

Alatariel's latest set includes minifigures representing 3 new scientific fields - An Archaeologist, a Wildlife Biologist, and a Geologist (hey, just like our very own Mika McKinnon!):

The Research Institute was an important step forward for getting both scientists and particularly female scientists recognised in the blocky world of all things Lego, but is just one set - what better way to encourage youngsters than with some more positive female role models, having sciency adventures in STEM fields? Also, that brick-built tiger that comes with the Biologist is super adorable and I want to build one of my own.


Alatariel's set has just hit over 2,000 supporters - in order for Lego to review a suggestion and consider making it into a set, it needs 10,000 supporters within a year of being submitted. Missed out on the first (and notoriously tough to come across at its original price) set and want to see more like it? You can check out more pictures of the project and sign up to back it at the Lego Ideas link below.

[Lego Ideas]

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