You Can Now Buy a Wall-Mountable Version of the New iMac

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At launch, Apple's new iMac was incompatible with VESA's well-known and much-loved wall mounting systems. Fret no longer, space savers, because now you can buy the new iMacs with a built-in VESA wall adapter from the Apple store.


Usually reserved for mounting TVs on walls, VESA's products also have a long history of being used to hang iMacs too. They're kinda perfect in stores, cramped offices or if you're using your Mac as a TV. Prices start at $1,340 for the 21.5-inch iMac or $1,840 for the 27-incher. [Apple via Pocket Lint]



I just want to say that I hate everything, any company does, ever. It's personally detrimental to my life when companies create products that don't specifically meet my needs, when I want them, at the price I want. As soon as they have done so, I find it necessary to hate everything they do and make sure people know how much hate I have.

It's bad enough that Apple forces me to buy all their products at gunpoint. Now they want to provide me more features I would have asked for? No way Jose. If it didn't happen years ago, I don't want it now.

I recently heard about a grandmother in Syria getting blown into 4 pieces by a bomb, but that is in no way comparable to the suffering that I endure in America with our consumer products.

Troubling times, troubling indeed.