You Can Now Order Starbucks via Mobile, Anywhere in the U.S.

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For a while now, Starbucks has been trialling a service that allows you to order from an app and then skip the line when you pick up your purchase. Now, that service is being rolled out across the U.S.. Spiced pumpkin lattes all round!


The coffee chain has announced that, from today, anyone can use the Starbucks app for iOS or Android to order, customize and pay for food and drinks, wherever they are in the country. The app prompts you to choose your nearest Starbucks store based on your location, though you can obviously override its suggestion if you... have a favorite Starbucks?

Then, once you’ve chosen what you want and paid for it in the app — yes, you can still order that quadruple shot, almond milk, hazelnut syrup concoction —it gives you an estimate of how long your order will take to fix up. At which point you can happily skip ahead of the tired faces of the caffeine-deprived that are waiting in line, whisper your name into the ear of a barista, and you should get your drink.

Hey presto, coffee with minimal human interaction (and, um, a glut of information shared with Starbucks). Welcome to the coffee-inhaling future.


Image by Eric Montfort under Creative Commons license.


Kill Bosby

I would imagine that once people really start using this app, you’ll get there and there’ll be a line of people waiting to pick up their online order